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Winter Wars For Josh @ The Raven 12/13/14 

December 13th CNEU radio presents our benefit show... Winter Wars For Josh. Josh is a 14yr old who loves music and shares his gift with children at the Salem YMCA teaching other children music. Josh helps with kids who cant afford instruments and is always looking for donations of anything from guitars that arent being used to simple guitar strings.... At 14 this is remarkable! Lets get together and help Josh share his passion for music with others who love it as much as we do and for the program at the Salem YMCA ....Music Connection: Giving Youth a Voice...but most of all to keep music alive for generations to come!!!


Hey everyone!! Thanks to all of you who came out to The Raven yesterday. We had a great time playing with some great bands!! Looking forward, we have a Halloween Bash that we are playing this Friday night. I can't think of a better way to spend my Halloween than loud music, friends, and beer. So we hope to see you all there!!! 


We have started adding photos to our site! You are all more than welcome to send us any photos you take of us. We will gladly display them here, and on our facebook page with a shout out!



Hey guys, just wanted you all to know I've started to post lyrics and created an entire section for them. Check back frequently for updates from me there, and enjoy! 

- Sal

Become The Enemy 

New track Become The Enemy is nearing completion. Can't wait to release it. We are going to be doing the final mixing on Friday and hopefully it will be up on the website either Friday night or Saturday morning. 


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